Current WWE Superstar’s Boyfriend Passes Away

According to multiple sources, including, Dana Brooke’s boyfriend has passed away. Dallas McCarver, age 26, was an IFBB professional bodybuilder who has been linked to dating Brooke (real name Ashley Mae Sebera). Both have been very active in publicizing their relationship through social media channels including Instagram and Snapchat.

Earlier this week, reported that McCarver dropped out of the Australia finals when he collapsed on stage. Dallas was a favorite going into the Arnold Classic Australia but collapsed on stage during pre-judging. The reports stated that the collapse was due to an upper respiratory infection, confirmed by McCarver himself through a social media post.

There is no confirmation on if this was linked to his passing today. Our prayers and condolences go out to everyone affected by the loss of McCarver.

Update: According to, McCarver was found dead after apparently choking on his food. Dana Brooke told TMZ that he was found unconscious in his home on Monday evening by a friend shortly after they spoke on the phone. McCarver told Brooke that he was going to make dinner. His last words to her were, “I love you. Goodbye.”

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