Rescue Working Find Baby Alive Under Rubble After Irma Hurricane Catastrophe

People are calling this a “miracle from God” after a 10 month old baby was found under a pile of rubble, beneath a house destroyed by hurricane Irma on Sunday. The baby was found alive with only minor bruises and scratches. Rescue workers responded to the area after people reported hearing cries under a pile of wood and stone that used to be a 3 bedroom house just off the coast of Miami Beach.

The house had taken a beating from hurricane Irma, torn apart by 140 mph winds. The parents, Robert and Rachel Owens, were devastated after they were separated from each other as the hurricane ripped apart their home.

The couple reported taking shelter in the bathtub with the child when the eye of Irma cause the destruction of their home.

 “Everything was a giant blur,” said Rachel. “I tried to hang on to him but the winds pulled him out of my hands. All I could do was cry. All I could do was pray for my baby. I thought he was gone.”

But a miracle happened Monday afternoon when rescue workers found the baby alive and well under a pile of debris. The child was rushed to a nearby emergency shelter where he has been upgraded to stable condition.

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