15 Deaths Yesterday as the Knockout Game is Revived by ANTIFA

After the riot in Charlottesville ANTIFA is suddenly making headlines. The term ANTIFA refers to a loose network of militant left-wing activists who physically square off against the far right, and often try to prevent those they deem fascists from speaking publicly.

Yesterday 15 deaths were reported after the ANTIFA group members revived the 2013 ‘knockout game’ that made headlines all over the world. The so-called “knockout game” involves assaulting people without warning, and it is claiming lives. The victims of the brutal game are chosen at random. Defenseless and unsuspecting people are attacked by ANTIFA groups who have one goal in mind: to knock the victim out with one punch.

Authorities are asking people to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. The 15 attacks were in Virginia, N. Carolina and S. Carolina and police say they expect many more over the next several weeks.

ANTIFA is sometimes used as a synonym for black bloc anarchists—the scruffy kids in black bandanas or balaclavas known for smashing Starbucks windows—but while the movements overlap, they’re not identical. Some wear masks, and others are upper-middle-class suburban women with grown children. The movement appears to be growing rapidly under Trump, though it’s impossible to put hard numbers to it; there are no membership rolls.

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